Stars Performing Program

ALLSTARS! Performing Arts Program

Ages 3 – 14 years

Tiny Tunes! ALLSTARS! Performing Program is an acting, singing and performing program for children ages 3-14 years. The youngest groups learn the basics of singing in an intimate class setting and prepare for a final performance at the end of the session. 

As children grow they learn more advanced singing technique and acting skills. Older students are given solos to sing, lines to learn and help with sets, props and costumes.

There are 5 sessions throughout the year and each session has a unique theme, such as Broadway, Disney, Pop Music, Holiday Songs and more!  Children are invited to join at any age and grow their confidence and talents with us!

ALLSTARS! Performing Arts Schedules

Monday, December 16:

  • Monday Star Troopers 5:00 drop, 5:15 show
  • Monday Acting Allstars: 5:45 drop, 6:15 show

Tuesday, December 17th-CANCELLED!!!!

  • Superstars
  • Tuesday Acting Allstars
  • Tuesday Advanced Allstars

Wednesday, December 18th

  • Superstars 4:00 drop, 4:15 show
  • Superstars 5:00 drop, 5:15 show
  • Wednesday Star Troopers, 6:00 drop, 6:15 show
  • Wednesday Acting Allstars 6:45 drop, 7:15 show

Thursday, December 19th

  • Superstars 4:00 drop, 4:15 show
  • Thursday Star Troopers 5:00 drop, 5:15 show
  • Tuesday Acting Allstars 5:30 show, 6:00 show
  • Holiday Review 6:45 show, 7:15 show

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